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Li Ping Kitex
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DONIC developed the Li Ping KiTex blade expressly for Li Ping, a young Chinese National Team player who is one of China's hopefuls.

The Li Ping KiTex blade consists of high-quality wood plies with two extra texalium inner layers. The high-quality, hard hinoki outer plies, as well as the texalium inner plies, guarantee strength, flexibility, and power.

The combination of the soft ayous inner ply and kiri middle layer produce a perfect synthesis between speed and control. If you are an attacker who, like Li Ping, has a varied topspin game, you will enjoy using this blade.

1.+ 7. ply: kiso-hinoki,
2.+ 6. ply: ayous
3.+ 5. ply: texalium
Centre ply: kiri
Brand Type Plies Weight
Donic OFF+ 7 90g
Overall Rating
Rated 10
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 9.0 9.5
Control 8.5 7.5

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