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It's been some time already since Nexy released the second version of Calix II.

Yes, Nexy named it 'CALIX II', which will naturally remind you of the second version of CALIX.
But those two blades are not much in common, and I have to make it clear here.

CALIX was born through a luck I did not work for much, frankly speaking.

Initial aim for the blade was this.
I wanted to make a blade which has apparently different two faces.
One is a very aggressive face. It has to guarantee speedy and powerful drive.

Another one is very the other very opposite way.
It has to absorbs the power. It should not react much to the coming ball.
We can say that it's kind of passive and dull some time,
which will make good control when you block the ball.

So, with CALIX, you can exert two opposite functions.

One is speedy top spin, amazing enough to surprise most players,
when you consider that the blade is only 4.9mm thick.

The other one is the power to absorb the impact of the ball.
With this absorbing function, you can place the ball very close to the net, if you want.

You will have easier feeling receiving your opponent's services, too.

I wanted to keep this character for the next blade.
But I was not sure whether I would really make something good as much as CALIX.

I was not sure whether I stop here and try for something new,
because CALIX was so good.

But I started to rearrange the composition of Calix's wood layers,
and made a decision to name it "CALIX II", because I knew I could make some other thing,
out of all these good features of CALIX.

So, this CALIX II is very similar to Calix, but not the same one at all.

It has longer trajectory, and generally better feeling, due to thicker body.

The feeling is not something you can find from other blades.
It has pleasing sound and control from that feeling.
It's not artificial, but also you can not say that only natural woods mixture can make this kind of feelings.

The added thickness made all things more harmonious.

If the Calix was aiming at a small but enthusiastic group of players,
then Calix II is now aiming at larger group of players, who wants more power.

Still the big gap between blocking and attacking of Calix remains in Calix II.

You can defend the ball easily and land it short to the net, because it absorbs the power,
and also you can make very powerful drive,
when you want to attack, because it's stiff and solid inwardly.

What's really good with this blade is that you can turn from defending position to attacking position anywhere and anytime, if you try.

Even though you are away from the table, due to the defensive position,
still you can send the ball far away with big power when you attack, because it has that quality.

And with good control close to the table with its absorbing character,
you can have slight more time to turn from defending position to attacking position with less effort,
which will make a very big difference in your play in the end.

With this blade, Nexy will not write any abstract adornment in its explanation.
All things are quite true.

It's good, and it's already proven in the market.

Calix porved that this big gap between attack and defense is really something extraordinarily awesome,
and Calix II is moving the overall that good quality a little bit forward, and became more attacking.
So, this will definately satisfy you.

Just make a decision, whether you enjoy this new quality or not.
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