Spectol 21 TSP

Spectol 21
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Rubber has high stability and is good for speedy smashes and sending knuckle balls. Used by Li Jia Wei of singapore.

The TSP Spectol 21 with hardness of 3 and the orange sponge is to play 40 mm balls. It enhances all of the playing characteristics of Spectol pips-out rubber. This new combination produces a unique kind of spin of its own that can be troublesome for your opponents. This combination can be powerful weapon when used on the backhand side of a shakehand racket.

No speed glue is necessary to generate spin and speed. Put on a TSP Hino-Power or TSP Hino-Speed blade - the domination starts there.

TSP Spectol 21, TSP has managed to give this elastic pimple out rubber more speed with the same control. Suitable for direct attacking at the table.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Overall Rating
Rated 8.5
Based on 2 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 5.3
Control 4.5
Spin 3.7

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