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TSP’s Spectol Pips Out rubber has been considered by many to be the finest pips out rubber in the world for many years. Many of the top world players including World ,Olympic, European & Asian Champions have used Spectol. Spectol offers the user a resistance to the opponents spins.It also offers excellent speed and the ability to produce shots that have a slight knuckle-ball effect that opponents can find tricky to follow.

TSP Spectol pips-out gives you great control over your opponents spin. Spectol produces a unique kind of spin of its own that can be troublesome to your opponents. Spectol also produces excellent speed and greatly enhances the backhand side of shakehand players.

Spectol is now available with 21 series sponge for enhanced performance with the 40mm ball.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Overall Rating
Rated 10
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 5.7
Control 4.5
Spin 2.8

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