40 Technologies

Brand Name Rating
Starter Technology Beläge Donic Starter Technology Beläge
Noppen-Außen-Technology Donic Noppen-Außen-Technology
Faktis Technology Donic Faktis Technology
Sound System Technology Donic Sound System Technology
New Formula Technology Donic New Formula Technology
Optra Tibhar Optra
Speed Effect Inside Tibhar Speed Effect Inside
ACS-Technology Stiga ACS-Technology
Mega Tension Technology Stiga Mega Tension Technology
SPI Technology Tibhar SPI Technology
D.TecS Tibhar D.TecS
Spring Sponge Butterfly Spring Sponge
ZL Carbon Butterfly ZL Carbon
ZL Fiber Butterfly ZL Fiber
Arylate-Carbon Butterfly Arylate-Carbon
Arylate Butterfly Arylate
Tamca ULC Butterfly Tamca ULC
Tamca 5000 Butterfly Tamca 5000
T-Tec Butterfly T-Tec
Glass Fiber Butterfly Glass Fiber
High Tension Butterfly High Tension
Dotec Technology Donic Dotec Technology
Senso Technology Donic Senso Technology
Epox Technology Donic Epox Technology
Sawtec Technology Donic Sawtec Technology
Sweden Classic Line Donic Sweden Classic Line
High TEC Technology Donic High TEC Technology
Power Tension Yasaka Power Tension
HPS Technology Yasaka HPS Technology
Double Accelaration Technology Yasaka Double Accelaration Technology
Hybrid Energy Yasaka Hybrid Energy
Spin Tension System Yasaka Spin Tension System
3D Technology Yasaka 3D Technology
Trampoline Tension Technology Giant Dragon Trampoline Tension Technology
Gecko Adsorption Technology Giant Dragon Gecko Adsorption Technology
Green Power Technology Joola Green Power Technology
High Friction Joola High Friction
Wing Shaft Integration Joola Wing Shaft Integration
Round About Grip Joola Round About Grip
Trix Technology Joola Trix Technology

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