Kinetic Supreme OFF- Andro

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Andro Kinetic Supreme OFF+
An optimum blade for offensive players. Unifying speed, control, margin of error and ball feeling was the target when developing the Kinetic Supreme OFF-. The Kiri core veneer is the dominating character, being the key for an excellent speed feature. Combined with an extreme thin outer layer, player emphasizes a pleasant rebound effect, accompanied by an extraordinary high ball bounce. This feature enables the player to create immensely dangerous topspin strokes.

Those who do not find enough control when using conventional offensive blades, but nevertheless are looking for a satisfying speed significance, will find a functionally adequate blade by choosing Kinetic Supreme OFF-.
Brand Type Plies Weight
Andro OFF- 5 85g
Overall Rating
Rated 5
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 7.7
Control 8.7

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