Waldner Dotec Carbon Donic

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The carbon layers are placed on top of a 4 mm strong Balsa core. Covering and middle plies consist of 0,6 mm Limba for each ply.

Playing Characteristics:
The combination of Carbon, Limba, Balsa and Dotec ensure an extraordinary synthesis of speed and control. Despite the enormous potential for speed, quick topspins and smashes, the ball control for touch shots and slower play is remarkable with this blade.

Ply Combinations:
0,6 Limba
0,6 Limba
4,0 Balsa
0,6 Limba
0,6 Limba
Brand Type Plies Weight
Donic OFF+ 7 85g
Overall Rating
Rated 8
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 9.0 9.5
Control 7.0 7.5

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