Wang Xi Dotec Control Plus Donic

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The outstanding qualities of the DOTEC series - now available with a straight handle and improved control.
Wang Xi, one the world's best defenders, demands first and foremost that his blades give him the fine touch and precise placement for which his game is known.
These requirements are fulfilled one hundred percent by the brand new DONIC Wang Xi DOTEC Control Plus blade.
This is the first time that the proven DOTEC Technology has used a 3.5 mm DOTEC Kiri middle ply. The combination of Kiri with 0.6 mm thick Limba exterior and the 0.6 mm thick Ayous inner plies give the blade the necessary stiffness for controlled counter-attacking.
The new Wang Xi Dotec Control Plus with its excellent playing properties provides not only control but reserves of speed to enable positive all-round players to go on the attack.
This is the ideal blade for players who value control but not at the loss of their attacking play.
This blade is available for the first time with a straight handle, making it easier for defenders to "twiddle" their racket.

Ply combination : 5+2 plies
0,6 Limba
0,6 Ayous
3,5 Kiri
0,6 Ayous
0,6 Limba
Brand Type Plies Weight
Donic ALL+ 7 80g
Overall Rating
Rated 8
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 5.0 7
Control 9.0 9+

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