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GLADIATOR: Maximum effectiveness for blocking close to the table

This blade has been developed for use with rubbers such as Anti-Spin, long pimples and short pimples.

It has a normal size and a special plywood composition without balsa.

GLADIATOR offers a very good control and produces a maximum of disruptive effect while blocking close to the table.

Above all it enables you to block the ball very short and low over the net. Even powerful topspin shots can be returned short very easily, the ball bouncing very low on the other side of the table.

Also you can return fast services very easily with Anti-Spin or long pimples in order to deceive your opponent’s third ball attack.

GLADIATOR offers therefore an ideal symbiosis of Anti-Spin and the blade.

At the same time the ball can be accelerated dynamically through counter-attacking, topspin and hitting, both with reversed rubbers and offensive pimples.

The blade also enhances the disruptive effect of short and half-long pimpled rubbers.

GLADIATOR is a breakthrough for use with our Anti-Spin rubbers close to the table.
Brand Type Plies Weight
Dr Neubauer ALL 7 79g
Overall Rating
Rated 9.6667
Based on 3 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 6.0
Control 9.1

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