Rosskopf Force Joola

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The new star among JOOLA blades! This blade has been manufactured after more than two years of development work and, with it's top quality playing features, will impress players of all standards from world-class to club level.

The JOOLA ROSSI Force is fast, has spin and excellent control. The heart of any top blade is the blade face itself. All the technical gadgets in the world can't help if something is wrong with it. The veneer combination of 2 very expensive and very elastic Carbon layers combined with the exclusive Hinoki upper veneer, provide a well-balanced playing behavior with high speed and a large sweet spot.

Joerg Rosskopf and Zoltan Fejer-Konnerth have been testing this blade for a few months and are very enthusiastic about it's fantastic features.
Brand Type Plies Weight
Joola OFF+ 5 85g
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Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 10.0 Extreme
Control 8.0 Medium/High

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