Revo Fire Andro

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Maximum sweet spot + powerful topspin strokes
TENSOR - not only more speed, more power and speedgluing sound, but also more spin and more feeling! The exceptional feeling of TENSOR rubbers is core of the REVO FIRE. The sponge absorbs the energy of the appearing ball when the player hits the ball and immediately new energy is released. This effect, responsible for the special feeling, enables every
player to have a very good control with the REVO fire. The medium adjusted sponge implements accents in active as well as in passive playing situations by demonstrating a brilliant catapult effect. One can play fast and precise topspins and in decisive moments REVO fire offers its existing speed reserves in order to directly achieve the winning point.
Ideal value-for-money for everybody!
Brand Type Type Hardness
Andro OFF+ In 45°
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Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 8.0
Control 8.0
Spin 9.3

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