Sprungfeder G3 Dawei

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Sprungfeder G3 (using IB Tech-Exonsor Technique) compares favorably with the first generation Sprungfeder.

When longer strokes produce bigger topsheet disortion, energy is fully stores and released. Used for forehand, speed is fast,spin is strong and elasticity large; used for backhand it produces a lower arc, more control, and great quickness for a shorter stroke. This strong attack rubber produces a low arc, and making it difficult for the opponent to defeng or counter attack.

Sponge Thickness: 2.0~2.2 mm
Sponge Hardness: 38~48°
Performance: Smash speed
Brand Type Type Hardness
Dawei OFF+ In NB
Overall Rating
Rated 8
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 7.8
Control 6.8
Spin 8.0

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