Baxster LB Donic

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Infinite variation
The most striking feature of this latest innovation in the classic series with short pimples from DONIC is its enormous variety. It is very easy to play dynamic blocks and counter attacks due to the NEW FORMULA DONIC sponge with high tension. The BAXTER LB offers great advantages, due to its high control for returning serves as well as the possibility of adding rotation and spin by using a good technique, and generating a twist by the flick of the wrist. The BAXSTER LB is the ideal rubber for experienced pimple players who would like to play a more variable and effective game without giving up outstanding control.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Donic ALL Out 33°
Overall Rating
Rated 8
Based on 3 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 8.0
Control 7.8
Spin 6.0

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