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Speed is not the only thing that counts. For many years the best players in the world used speed glue, as this did not only make the rubber sheets faster, but above all softer and at least subjectively, to get better control ? although spin and speed have been increased.

By adding Formula tuning to our QUATTRO rubber, we have increased the performance, but we have limited the speed to ensure that you can easily keep the rubber under control. As a result, QUATTRO Formula rubber incorporates all the traditional advantages of speed glue, while giving more ball control and higher precision. This makes QUATTRO Formula ideal for allround players and players who prefer good ball control. No other rubber has ever provided such a good feeling with relatively high speed.

DONIC QUATTRO FORMULA - Relatively High Speed with Four Times the Feeling

We recommend DONIC QUATTRO FORMULA rubber for the following players:
Allround players and control players who have been playing with soft, relatively slow rubber and are looking for a rubber with more speed that will provide more playing fun. If you are such a player, QUATTRO Formula will let you experience a new world of table tennis where you just play better. If you have been playing with 2.0 mm, we recommend 1.8 mm for QUATTRO Formula. This will provide more speed than you are used to, while giving you more control.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Donic OFF- In 35°
Overall Rating
Rated 9.3333
Based on 3 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 6.1
Control 7.5
Spin 8.0

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