Sonex JP Gold Donic

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He is famous for his powerful backhand smash, yet experts say that his strongest weapon is his blocking game. J├Ârgen Persson's control on his backhand blocks is truly impressive compared to that of other players. He prefers to play with slightly softer rubber than other professionals. In fact, his choice of rubber is quite suitable for most table tennis players. Not surprisingly, the new SONEX JP GOLD points the way to the future of rubber with built-in speed-glue effect that incorporates speed and spin plus good control. It has the qualities that will be essential when speed gluing is banned!
We recommend DONIC SONEX JP GOLD for ambitious attackers who want a well-balanced rubber that has the effect of speed glue. This new generation of rubber offers a combination of excellent attacking characteristics with a built-in speed-glue effect.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Donic OFF+ In 42°
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Speed 7.1
Control 6.2
Spin 6.5

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