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Vario Big Slam

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Perfect feeling with fantastic sound
For more than two very successful decades the DONIC Vario rubber series has had a lasting impact on the sport of table tennis. Now, for the first time DONIC presents a rubber sheet in this series labelled "Made in Germany". The DONIC Vario Big Slam is the result of the world famous Formula DONIC technology with inbuilt speed glue effect.
DONIC Vario is known as the pioneer in the soft generation of rubbers. The team of DONIC rubber experts set about developing a soft Vario rubber sheet, adjusting its properties to the present high demands of the sport.
With Vario Big Slam, the DONIC team designed a rubber sheet which allows control and all round players with a tendency to an offensive game to advance to a new playing level.
Due to its extremely soft 35 degree sponge, you get perfect feeling on the blade. This is the ideal rubber for spin and rotation players who prefer soft rubbers and like to hear a fantastic sound when hitting the ball.
DONIC VARIO BigSlam is recommended for the following players: Players who used to play with classical soft to medium rubbers and now want to switch to the perfect feeling of the NEW FOR MULA DONIC rubber sheets. The VARIO Big Slam with inbuilt speed glue effect offers, those players in particular, unbelievable sound with excellent control and spin.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Donic OFF- In 35°
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Speed 5.7
Control 6.1
Spin 6.7

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