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BOOMERANG: A milestone for disturbing effect and attacking

This frictionless long pimpled rubber has been banned by ITTF for international competition as from 01 July 2008. This has been implemented by most national associations.

Dr Neubauer BOOMERANG offers two essential playing characteristics:
On the one hand this long pimpled rubber offers a very good disturbing effect for blocking close to the table thanks to its completely frictionless surface, producing a very good spin reversal and a flat flying path.
Your opponent will have a hard time returning your blocking.

On the other hand BOOMERANG also enables you to attack with very good control and astounding speed thanks to its softer pimples:
Aggressive pushing, lifting and even counter-attacking and hitting can be performed with outstanding effectiveness.
That way BOOMERANG removes all problems while attacking with frictionless long pimples on floating balls.

Moreover BOOMERANG offers excellent spin reversal while defending.

Dr Neubauer BOOMERANG: The perfect balance between violent disturbing effect and very dynamic attacking possibilities, combined with excellent control.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Dr Neubauer DEF Long NB
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Speed 0.9
Control 3.6
Spin 0.7

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