Monster Dr Neubauer

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MONSTER: A development for the offensive game with long pimples

This frictionless long pimpled rubber has been banned by ITTF for international competition as from 01 July 2008. This has been implemented by most national associations.

This frictionless long pimpled rubber offers even better attacking possibilities.

Dr. Neubauer MONSTER has a rough but totally frictionless surface and offers an outstanding control for all strokes as well as an improved spin reversal. It provides very good overall disturbing properties for blocking close to the table.

On the other hand MONSTER enables you to attack while producing wobbling balls. This can be done both on chopped and float balls in order to make your offensive game more deceptive.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Dr Neubauer DEF Long NB
Overall Rating
Rated 6
Based on 2 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 4.8
Control 6.7
Spin 1.6

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