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SCALPEL: The allround-weapon

This frictionless long pimpled rubber has been banned by ITTF for international competition as from 01 July 2008. This has been implemented by most national associations.

Dr Neubauer SCALPEL is an allround weapon combining two properties: deadly spin reversal and wobbling balls. On top of this it provides a very good control and touch for the ball.

SCALPEL is the ideal rubber for killing any loop while blocking close to the table.

At the same time we managed to retain very effective attacking possibilities, especially on chopped balls. You can achieve wobbling balls through aggressive pushing and lifting as well as counter-attacking, making it very difficult for your opponent to return the ball.

The strong spin reversal on topspin is also excellent for classical defenders, since SCALPEL produces a very flat and dangerous ball in Ox or 1.0mm sponge.

In summary, SCALPEL offers a very good control and high efficacity and is therefore an excellent choice for all long pimple players.

Dr Neubauer Scalpel: the deadly allround-weapon.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Dr Neubauer DEF Long NB
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Speed 2.2
Control 5.2
Spin 0.0

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