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TSP Actor is a unique soft elastic built-in power rubber that will give you great power and control. Its advanced molecular composition gives you a top sheet that will maximize the elasticity of it's synthetic rubber and the adhesive power of its natural rubber content. The unique compound of both natural and state of the art synthetic allow TSP Actor to produce the ultimate in powerful, offensive spins.

Victor SANCHEZ of Spain uses TSP Actor in world class tournaments.

TSP Actor has more speed than TSP Real and softer sponge. The TSP Real is similar to DHS Hurricane III Provisional Version with many layers of speed glue. This Japanese rubber lasts for many months with the same speed glue effect. Not need to speed glue TSP Actor.

The new "Built-in Power" System with built-in fresh glue effect brings additional dynamic and spin.

TSP ACTOR is a dynamic, offensive rubber with soft feeling. The medium hard sponge furthers a powerful, offensive game with enough control for the game close to the table.
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