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This rubber uses high tension and creates a large rebound effect - rebound affect caused by high density polymer. This rubber used by Shiuen Liu (China)

TSP Bjorn is a superior, very special high-tension rubber that produces hyper-speed offensive shots. The extraordinary elasticity of TSP BJorn's synthetic high-tension top sheet combined with its unique soft sponge will give you a great combination of power and speed. The added power and speed provides a great advantage for victory over any opponent. TSP BJorn rubber when combined with a TSP award, Hino-carbon, Newspin or CG-40 table tennis blade provides optimum speed shots with excellent control.

TSP BJorn has more speed than TSP Actor and TSP Real. The TSP Real is similar to DHS Hurricane III Provisional Version with many layers of speed glue. This Japanese rubber lasts for many months with the same speed glue effect. Not need to speed glue TSP BJorn.

The new "Built-in Power" System with built-in fresh glue effect brings additional dynamic and spin.

TSP BJORN is the ideal rubber for players who prefer the powerful offensive game. The combination between a soft sponge and an extremely elastic top rubber layer makes it possible to play fast and strong topspins. The soft sponge guarantees very good control by passive hitting techniques over the table (chop ball/blocking). By active hitting techniques (top spin/shot) TSP BJORN seems to explode, but the good control remains.
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