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The TSP Curl P3 is a starter's long pips. It is easy to control than TSP Curl P1R because the pips length is little less than TSP Curl P1R. It has excellent blocking, block chop, aggresive push and hitting abilities, but does not generate heavy spin as TSP Curl P1R.

TSP Curl Series:

Fourtypes of TSP long pips rubbers have been approved by ITTF. Theredesigned CURL rubber sheets P1R, and P3 ALPHA R CURL rubbers havebeen produced to have the optimum level of playing characteristics ofthe original designs of the P1 and P3 Alpha CURL rubbers. The latestassortment of ITTF approved TSP CURL products are follows:

P1R has the longest and softest pips among the TSP CURL rubbers produces very deceptive spins and actions after bouncing.

P2 has the same design as before. This CURL produces deceiving spins while allowing you exceptional control.

P3 has the same design as before. This CURL is great for a combination of defensive and offensive play.

P3AlphaR is verypliable and has soft long pips produces more deceptive shots than P3and P2. It will also absorb the fastest of drives and spins.

The OX version comes with a glue sheet. You don't need glue sheet to affix the TSP Curl P3 OX version onto a blade.
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