Millitall II TSP

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Easily send back your opponents hard offensive shots with this defensive rubber that is great for chopping.

Millitall-II's pips are thinner than ordinary pips-out rubber with greater space between each pip. The resulting effect of the unique Millitall-II pip design is its capability of producing lower trajectory and bounce on return shots. This makes it difficult for your opponent to drive the ball hard and makes it easier to receive serves.

Millitall-II Soft provides excellent control.

The No Sponge or the OX version:

Millitall-II OX allows defensive players to produce very deceptive shots. The speed and spin is little lower compared with the sponge version of Millitall II. This version creates more knuckle effect than the sponge version.

The pimples of TSP Milli Tall II are thinner than other pimple-out rubbers. There is also more space between the pimples. As a result, this special pimple rubber produces a lower flight curve and bounce of the ball by playing backhand strokes. This effect makes it difficult for your opponent to play hard attacking strokes. It is also easier for you to return your opponent`s serve. TSP Milli Tall II - Soft: Control is excellent! TSP Milli Tall II OX: Produces unusual confusing spin by defensive shots.
Brand Type Type Hardness
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Speed 4.0
Control 8.0
Spin 3.0

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