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TSP Super Spinpips is a flexible rubber & Great improvements have been made in the shape of the pips. This soft rubber has great stability with excellent rotation.

Super Spinpips is the new re-designed Spinpips. Super Spinpips retrains all of the playing characteristics of the original Spinpips. Super Spinpips has excellent speed and a deceptive knuckle-effect. This is the combination of effects for which Spinpips has become so well known at International events since 1988. Super spinpips 21 sponge has a unique top-sheet and the elastic sponge. This combination produces more powerful top-spin shots than the original spin-pips and md-spin pips.

TSP Super Spinpips is a newly designed pimple out rubber. It has retained all the essential playing characteristics of the original Spinpips rubbers. It provides excellent speed and an amazing long pimple effect. The interplay of these attributions has made Spinpips so popular at international events. Super Spinpips has a unique top sheet and an elastic sponge. This combination produces a powerful top-spin and a fine balance of speed and control. Super Spinpips has effectively more speed and control than the original Spinpips.
Brand Type Type Hardness
Overall Rating
Rated 6
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 6.2
Control 5.6
Spin 5.2

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