Tyranno TSP

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Built with high elasticity for extra power. Great combination of speed and knuckle ball. Slight instability. The TSP Tyranno short pips-out is great for blocking and great feel while hitting.

TSP Tyranno TSP Tyranno is a new pimple-out rubber with built-in speed glue effect, which gives attacking shots optimal speed. In addition, Tyranno produces its own dynamic spin. The soft sponge together with the short pimples, supports the ball control in passive or defensive shots. Tyranno is therefore an attractive alternative for all different pimple-out strategists.

Use it TSP BalsaFiber 8.5 table tennis blade to have extreme speed and spin.
Brand Type Type Hardness
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Speed 9.5
Control 6.0
Spin 6.5

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