Xtend HS Yasaka

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The new STS-rubber, developed for the coming glue regulations. With STS-technology (Spin-Tension-System) Yasaka has been able to concentrate the “tension increase” on the spin characteristics. With this concept the “spin tension” increases around 2/3 and the “speed tension” around 1/3.

XTEND HS is based on the STS-technology, but with improved energy increase. XTEND HS gives you more spin and speed, especially suitable for the coming glue regulations.

Enjoy perfect sound, spin and speed without glue, enjoy XTEND HS!
Brand Type Type Hardness
Yasaka OFF In 42°
Overall Rating
Rated 8
Based on 1 Reviews
Ratings Users Manufacturer
Speed 6.5 19
Control 6.3 17
Spin 6.3 19

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